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HomeSite 5.0

Formally owned by Allaire, Macromedia's HomeSite 5 is often referred to as the Web editor for hand coders. With this latest release, Macromedia proves that it is more than capable of providing this spectacular Web site editor with a very inviting new home.
If you've used HomeSite before, not much has changed regarding installation and startup. If you've never used the program before, you might want to either flip through the resourceful handbook or check out the long list of help references in the left-hand column. One topic that caught our eye was the "Learn HTML and CSS" feature, a rather in-depth tutorial for people who are just getting started with the language or who need a refresher course. These online courses take about a half-hour to complete.
For new users and old hands alike, HomeSite 5.0 offers some very compelling new features, including XHTML support. Macromedia has also worked hard to improve code validation for many languages, including HTML, JSP, CFML, and more. Checking your code for errors is as simple as hitting Shift and F6, a big improvement over the days of scrutinizing code and straining your eyes in search of missing "tr" and "td" tags. Another important improvement is the new Secondary Files tab, which lets you access multiple files at once, making it much easier and faster to incorporate remote files into your HomeSite project. In addition, Macromedia has included an Auto Backup feature, designed to save your work as often as you decide is necessary.
Macromedia's acquisition of HomeSite has also resulted in better integration with Fireworks and Dreamweaver, the company's signature Web design and development products. In addition, you can now edit files that are included within your code without having to open that file in a separate program.
The only pet peeve we have about HomeSite is this: HomeSite automatically inserts the proper end tag to correspond with whatever start tag you write. However, if you erase the start tag, HomeSite will not automatically erase the corresponding end tag, which often results in bad code. Not an earth-shattering flaw, but fixing it would be a small improvement to an otherwise outstanding product. –Gisele Toueg

Macromedia Flash Pro 8 (Win/Mac) [OLD VERSION]

A major product release for Macromedia, Flash Professional 8 has many brand new features including: amazing graphic effects, integrated and stand-alone video encoding complete with support for alpha transparency, high-quality text rendering with advanced anti-aliasing control, improved text tools, and a new video plug-in to export Flash Video (FLV) files from professional video products.

Macromedia Studio 8 for Win/Mac [Old Version]

Studio 8 is the essential software suite for designing, developing and maintaining interactive online experiences. Combining the latest release of Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Contribute, and FlashPaper, Studio 8 offers web designers and developers a new level of expressiveness, efficiency, and simplified workflow to create websites, interactive experiences, and mobile content. Features Flash Pro 8. Support for Windows and Mac OS X enables Studio to deliver projects on a wide range of operating systems, browsers, and server technologies

Macromedia Studio 8 Win/Mac

Studio 8 is the must-have suite for anyone creating websites, web applications, interactive presentations, or mobile content. Use Flash Professional to author rich interactive content. Fireworks provides optimization tools to balance quality images with compression. Dreamweaver delivers clean, standards-based applications. Contribute makes managing web content a shared team task, and FlashPaper’s one-click process converts any document into PDF and FlashPaper files for the web. Studio 8 speeds the design, development and maintenance process, with round-tripping between Macromedia products, integration with 3rd party applications and features like batch rendering, batch encoding and general performance enhancements to let you get it done, faster. Studio 8 offers the broadest range of creative tools to let you express yourself as you create interactive media, websites or applications. Use advanced graphics, text, animation, video and audio tools with precision control and quality. From simple animated graphics to sophisticated interactive experiences, Studio 8 gives you a full suite of tools for limitless creative expression. With Studio’s support for Windows and Mac OS X, you can work on the platform of choice—and deliver content for the platform of choice. Deliver projects that support the widest range of browsers and server technologies, and leverage Flash Player, installed on over 98% of connected computers. Take your experience farther, and use Studio’s tools to create content for millions of mobile handheld devices and phones.